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Understanding Your Online Customer
w/ Graham Jones
Research by Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones, shows that the vast majority of online businesses LOSE money as a result of being online. He said: "In my study I found that the average LOSS made by small businesses as a result of using the Internet was £2,500 per year. In other words, the web is presenting people with a mirage - they think it is helping them make money, whereas it is contributing to losses."

The reason, according to Graham Jones, is that online customer behaviour is different to what most business owners are used to. For a start, he says, the time taken to make a decision as to whether or not to engage with a website is a mere 560 milliseconds ... just over half a second. And, he adds, the time taken to decide whether or not we like a website is less than 100 milliseconds, according to neurological research.

Gone are the days when businesses can build relationships over time. Nowadays you have to be able to demonstrate you have exactly what customers want... all within a single second.

In this call, Graham will explain the psychology behind this "instant gratification" and show you how your business can tap into that customer behaviour and gain more clients as a result.

Graham Jones has been studying the way people behave online for the past 20 years. He is an Associate Lecturer in psychology at the Open University and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Buckingham. Graham is the author of 29 books, including his latest called "Click.ology: The Psychology of Online Shopping" which is due to be published at the end of 2013.
Graham's Special Bonus
Understanding your Customers Free Report
Get Clients With Online Events
Grow Your Client List by 1,000s in just 30 days
w/ Helen Vandenberghe
Hosting an Online Event such as a Telesummit or Virtual Conference is the fastest way to take your place in the market, inspire thousands - grow your mailing list and establish your credibility & expertise.

A telesummit gives you the gift of allowing business to come to you.

Nobody really wants to cold call or chase after business and why should you? When we align ourselves with other leaders while co-creating a powerful event, our divine right clients are attracted to us, rather than us having to find them.

Join Award Winning Entrepreneur Helen Vandenberghe to discover how to:
reach thousands of potential clients quickly
create overnight expert status
share your message to a highly tailored audience
launch your next product or programme
generate instant revenue
and attract paying clients through online events.
Put the date in your diary now and have your note pad ready for a session jam-packed with the insider secrets to get you ready for your most successful online event ever.

Helen Vandenberghe is known as the mentor to rising stars and specialises in helping service-based business owners to create irresistible client offers, & powerful product & programme launches while building a business that fits in with their life.

After breaking free from a corporate role as CEO of an International Training Company, Helen has built three successful businesses and has worked with over a thousand business leaders to help them Go Large, get Launched & Get Clients.

She created & hosted the UK’s first Virtual Conference supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week bringing speakers including Sir Richard Branson, Rachel Elnaugh and Emma Jones MBE to a global audience of thousands of entrepreneurs and has supported her clients to host their own online events helping them build their list, boost their profile and profit from partnerships.

When Helen isn't at home training her rescue dog Sam, she travels widely and takes her business with her, having built a truly location independent company.
How to Optimize Your Time, Energy and Marketing to Attract Clients Online
w/ Kate Gerry
Here's what you'll learn:
The #1 secret to winning clients online (just by making this one simple change to your website TODAY!)
Instant Productivity Secrets to optimize your time, energy and marketing. How to focus on the things that will save you TIME and make you more MONEY!
The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs are making when it comes to getting clients online - and how to avoid making the same mistake (the easy way!).
Kate Gerry helps business owners transform the way they work. Renowned for creating calm where there was once chaos, she is THE pioneer for online business management in the UK. Featured as a Productivity Expert in the BBC News, The Daily Express and Fabulous Magazine, Kate's practical, fun advice to 'getting things done' supports high level experts, leaders and coaches worldwide.
Kate's Special Bonus
3 Simple Time-Saving Secrets for Instant Productivity
Blogging For Business Growth
Blog Your Business From Broke To Booming
w/ Caylie Price
Here's what you'll learn:
Exactly WHY you should BLOG for your business!
The importance of AUTHENTIC VOICE and addressing your READER NEEDS!
3 ways to GROW your INCOME via your blog!
Caylie Price is founder of Better Business Better Life. She takes the tech and overwhelm out of online marketing. Caylie helps business owners without a marketing department to attract clients and make more money so they can live the life they want. She is an online marketing strategist, copywriter and professional trainer with a love of all things business, travel, sport and lifestyle.

In 2012, Caylie co-authored ‘How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge‘ having successfully hosted her Blogging Olympics Challenge and Small Business Olympics Challenge which easily doubled her mailing list. Caylie has also recently completed her Blogging For Growth tour which saw 21 guest posts on 21 hosts in 21 days to promote her ebook.
Caylie's Special Bonus
29 Tips To Revamp Your Blog
Get More Clients with a Great Book
w/ Mindy Gibbins-Klein
Here's what you'll learn:
What makes  a 'great book' and why must you have one?
How clients choose suppliers nowadays
The engagement advantage
3 secrets to writing a better book, and writing it faster
Mindy Gibbins-Klein is founder and director of REAL Thought Leaders, Panoma Press and The Book Midwife®. She is a highly sought after speaker to executive audiences and top business leaders. She has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world.

In addition to speaking, Ms Gibbins-Klein also maintains a small list of private consultancy clients who use her services to develop their writing, publishing and speaking strategy, and to plan, write and publish specific books and articles that raise their profiles as REAL thought leaders in the market.

Mindy has an enviable list of over 500 published clients, many of whom have received excellent media coverage and book sales.  Mindy has written and been interviewed for articles, radio and television over 100 times on the subject of building a profile as a REAL thought leader, writing, publishing and speaking.  She is also a regular columnist for several magazines and online publications, as well as being an expert consultant for several communities of business leaders.  She is the author and co-author of six books.
Mindy's Special Bonus
The ebook version of 24 Carat Bold, Mindy's bestselling book on thought leadership
Webinar Sales Success Secrets
w/ Janis Pettit
How to Create and Market Webinars that Generate On going Monthly Subscribers, Clients and Sales
What is the most effective way right now to sell your products and programs online? Webinars and video.

Janis will walk you through the Proven 7-Step Webinar Sales Success System that will show you the secrets to turning your webinars into an income generating powerhouse. Learn exactly how to position, create and market webinars that convert participants into raving fans and buyers.
The 3 Huge Business Problems that keep online business owners from making enough money that Webinars will eliminate
The 7 Mistakes you must avoid if you want to succeed with webinars
The key to dramatically increasing your webinar registrations
The 7 Step System that can double Your Income with Webinars
What you must know before you create your webinar
Webinar creation secrets
Top Tips for Selling Successfully with Webinars
How to Leverage Your Webinar for On-going sales
Specific case studies: 4 top online Entrepreneurs give you an inside look at their webinar success
Janis Pettit is known as the Big Results Business and Marketing Mastery Coach and mentor. Since 2001 she's helped hundreds of small and solo business owners worldwide turn their ideas, knowledge and expertise into a substantial, high profit lifestyle business that serves others. Through coaching and online learning, she shares her many business success shortcuts, strategies and systems with thousands of creative entrepreneurs.

Janis is a seasoned entrepreneur. Since leaving a career as a New York actor 25 years ago, she has owned four successful businesses including a corporate training business and a 3-star New York Times rated restaurant. She has hosted her own cable TV business talk show and was also named to "50 Women of Achievement" in the Business Journal. She is a contributing author to the Amazon best seller Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income, a sought after public speaker and frequent guest on business radio shows. Janis lives in Raleigh NC.
Janis's Special Bonus
How to Create and Market Webinars
That Generate an Avalanche of Ongoing Subscribers, Clients & Sales
How to Monetise Social Media
w/ Wendy Kier
Grow Your Tribe & Make More Sales Online
In this exclusive interview, you will learn:
The 3C's of Successful Social Media Marketing
The 6 key ingredients you need to attract new leads 24/7 online
The number 1 mistake solopreneurs are making on social media that is losing them sales
Wendy Kier is an online business mentor. Her clients include solopreneurs who are taking their first steps online to large organisations, including The Association of business Psychologists & The Coaching Supervision Academy. She works with clients to help them really understand how to get clients online and to profit from the massive leverage of the internet - without wasting time or money.

Wendy has created over 100 online sales and education videos, hosted a series of Teleseminars and delivered individual and group courses to an International audience online.
Wendy's Special Bonus
30 Twitter Community Management Tips
Profiting from Joint Ventures Onlines
w/ Helen Vandenberghe
Joint ventures affiliate partnerships are the FASTEST ways to extend your reach & build your business online and a super-quick way to put a product into the market – even if you have no money, no list and no following yet.

In this session, Helen will Vandenberhge share with you:
Exactly what are joint ventures are and how they can benefit your business right now.
Getting the "approach" phase right – how you can make yourself virtually irresistible so much so that potential partners will climb all over themselves to work with you.
3 Big Mistakes newbies make damaging their reputation and their profits – and how to avoid them.
Your first day joint venture! Even if you’ve only just begun and it is Day One in your online career, Helen will show you how you can secure profitable JV’s even without a huge pile of money, a big name or massive resources.
Helen has created JV partnerships with dozens of high profile speaker including Dragon’s Den star Rachel Elnaugh, membership organisations such as Enterprise Nation, and global brands including Virgin. But she started small with not much more than a phone and a bit of ‘cheek’, and knows what it’s like to be starting from ground zero.

She helps business entrepreneurs authors, coaches and experts to create and sell out their programmes and products, and attract a consistent flow of clients on and offline to give them the security and lifestyle they desire.
Helen's Special Bonus
A complimentary copy of her latest workbook -Your Joint venture Roadmap your essential guide to kicking off Joint ventures in your business.
How to Jumpstart Your E-mail List
w/ PJ Van Hulle
If you want to build an e-mail list that allows you to reach more people, make more money, and make a bigger difference, you're in the right place!I

In this exclusive interview, you will:
"Jumpstart" Your E-mail List if You're Just Starting out or Haven't Focused on List-Building for a While
Reconnect with Your List if You Haven't Communicated Recently
Implement the 3 Keys to Building a Successful E-mail List
Quickly Create Professional Opt In Pages for Under $100 so that People Can Join Your List Automatically
PJ Van Hulle is an acclaimed international speaker who works with speakers, coaches, & consultants who love what they do but get frustrated with the marketing part.

She is a certified trainer with 14 years of teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, the co-author of Make Your Connections Count, and the host of the List-a-Palooza 90-Day List-Building Challenge.

Through her signature programs, like Big List Big Profits and Prosperity 101, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to attract more clients and to improve their relationships with money.
PJ's Special Bonus
How to Jumpstart Your E-mail List Special Report
You will learn how to:-
Use dozens of online client winning strategies from people who are getting results
Stop the drip, drip, drip of the odd email sign up and super charge building your list
Stop wasting hours focusing on the wrong things - saving your business thousands each year
Establish a strong online footprint so you are seen as the go to expert
Cut through the confusion and get clear on your own personal online marketing plan
Get Clients Online Expert Training Pack
You will have access to:-
9 x Expert Speakers Training Calls so you can continue your learning with some of the leaders in online marketing. Download them as an MP3 to your training library.
The 3C's of Successful Social Media Marketing (PDF)
Digital and Social Media Blueprint Template (PDF)
Plus get access to the Expert Speakers Training Bonuses
Your Training Investment is Only £95.00
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