Benefits of Online Courses for Leaders, Speakers, Consultants

How to set-up a digital business

Happy Wednesday and what a beautiful day it is, there's not a cloud in the sky. For sure it's going to be mega hot day in the UK, so I will be heading down to the beach this afternoon. One of the many luxuries of working for yourself and a perk of generating a passive income, I don't have to be in the room to deliver the service. Benefits of online courses for Leaders, Speakers, Consultants and Authors I have had my head down over the last week creating a new online course. How To Attract … [Read more...]

The Top 3 Virtual Summits

Mastery with Wendy Kier Virtual Summits

Father's day is upon us this week in the UK, it's the first time in 46 years I will be sending a father's day card and celebrating.... It's an amazing gift to be able to forgive and make someone incredibly happy and yet it takes such little effort. I learned my resilience from being brought up in care, which is a good thing, as you need buckets of it when you run a business. Wouldn't you agree? I was sitting here this morning thinking about the last two Virtual Summits I have hosted, … [Read more...]

Small Business Email Marketing Blunders

email marketing blunders to avoid the the plague

Oh no, email marketing blunders..... There is a lot to learn when it comes to email marketing: copy, what to say, how to connect, what to promote, what should be in your online communication plan, how to get people to engage, how to segment your list, how to nurture your list, how to constantly grow your list. The list really is endless. I remember when I started using email marketing I thought it was a case of just sending out a newsletter, it fast became just another marketing task I … [Read more...]

6 Proven ways to grow your list

6 Proven ways to grow your email list for small businesses _

How to generate leads while you sleep Often, when I carry out a social media review and ask the client "how are you building your email marketing list using online marketing", I am asked the question "what is an email marketing list?" I was the same a year ago when I was approached by a high profile coach. When I say high profile, I mean they are well known and have high visibility online. If am honest I had a blank look on my face and thought to myself, "What on earth are they going on … [Read more...]

Wendy Kier

Wendy Kier

Wendy KierLike many I  wear a number of different hats, I’m a bit of a girly geek, I love technology and the power it gives us to connect. I’m very fortunate that I’m also gifted at bringing processes and strategy into the mix to guarantee long-term results. I spend my days working 1:1 with private clients and creating digital products for small businesses to be able to leverage the internet. I've been hosting Virtual Summits since 2013 and interviewing experts long before that. Believe … [Read more...]