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Hi I'm Wendy Kier

A leading edge online marketer who has a passion for creating online businesses and amazing buzz for her clients, helping them attract a massive audience for their programmes and services.

Host of the Get Clients Online Telesummit the Entrepreneurs, Business Growth Expert Podcast Series and founder of the Get Clients Online Academy.


Working with you to....

  • Get the Competitive Edge

    High impact marketing + authentic real-time connection = Trust

  • Achieve Instant Credibility

    Position + influence + trust = Loyalty

  • Harvest your Digitally Connections

    Lead with transparency + consistently engage = The Right Prospects

  • Deliver Products, Progrmmes & Services Fast

    Highly targeted leads that convert = More Customers

  • Accessible 24/7

    Reduce time for money = Increase in Sales

  • Sustainable Business Growth

    Connect with partners + rise & repeat = Less Work & More Profit

Today our first project went up to the first client to review. They loved it and spontaneously asked if they could put their logo on some of the pages too. Co-branding with such an organisation is really good for us - I hoped they might do it one day, but I didn’t really expect it to happen the first time they saw what Wendy had recommended (and put together for us).

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