Meet The Speakers

John A Murphy

How to Build a Marketing Engine to Drive Your Business w/ John Murphy

What You Will Discover On This Call: Why understanding the difference between your target market and your niche will boost your business Why integrating your “keep in touch” strategy into your daily routine is fundamental Why you must have a sales cycle even if you are only selling one product How you can get referrals […]

Annabel Kaye | Managing Freelancers

Managing Freelancers w/ Annabel Kaye & Wendy Kier

Download today! Are freelancers the right way to grow your business? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Top tips on: Tax Copyright Protecting your business Learn how to identify who is: Genuinely running their own business A freelance worker with all the employment rights that go with it An employee in all but the label […]

helen vandenberghe


  Joint ventures affiliate partnerships are the FASTEST ways to extend your reach & build your business online and a super-quick way to put a product into the market – even if you have no money, no list and no following yet. What You Will Discover On This Call: Exactly what are joint ventures are and […]