Consultants, Trainers and Professional Service Firm Entrepreneurs


Are you struggling to get more clients &

grow your business online?

What would your life be like if you could work with amazing clients, earn higher fees every month and do it all while working from your office?

Then it’s time to create the online business you love.

Unfortunately, most Consultants, Trainers and Professional Service Firm Entrepreneurs are still trading time for money and peddling painfully fast but not getting where they want in their business.

Believe me, I’ve been there too.

I’m Wendy Kier

I have a passion for online marketing, social media and business strategy. I love teaching Consultants, Trainers and Professional Service Firm Entrepreneurs how to build their list, and grow their business online.

I’ve had my thriving online business for over five years, but it wasn’t always this easy to make it work.

If you’re tired of getting nowhere in your business and ready to be taught how to grow your business online then I’m ready to show you how to leverage the internet to start getting clients and making more money in your business.

In this unique programme, we’ll build your list, get you clients, launch your products and services and get you making money online.

The Get Clients Online Academy program provides you with a strategic step-by-step plan to help you get leads, clients and close more sales. We’ll work together to create your offers, build your revenue streams, establish your ‘get clients online’ marketing plan and help you start selling your services so you get clients as quickly as possible.


Your Programme Includes…..

  • Scoping out your 3 month project ready to launch & bring in the cash
  • Creating and pricing your online signature offer
  • Setting up your online business, connecting all the dots
  • Crafting copy that your prospects will love & take action on
  • Setting up your online training portal – so you can make money 24/7
  • Creating your affiliate marketing pack – get your online team working for you
  • Social media & email marketing savvy – What to Say – How To Say It – Who To Say It To
  • Launch and go live
  • Rinse & repeat – What to keep – Planning ahead for your next launch

Value: £995 – Pre-Launch Price: £495

Making sure you get a great return on your investment…

Let’s say you’ve created an amazing signature giveaway that people subscribe into receiving.

You attract 60 new, highly target subscribers who have joined your email marketing list.

Let’s say like me, you are marketing a course and the price point is: £495

  • Out of the 60 you secure 25 1:1 calls
  • 5 people out of the 25 decide to do your new course and you make: £2475
  • 2 people out of the 25 decide not to do the course with you, but want to work more insensitively. You charge £1,495 for an intensive VIP day and you make: £2990

Only 20 18 places available, once they have gone, the doors will be closed..

Don’t forget these are not one time events, you would run them 3 or 4 times a year


Here’s what other business owners have said…

Her course material is interactive, lively and informative. She takes a professional yet relaxed style to her work and is equally at home in dealing with a sole trader to a large corporate client.

Stewart Stone
Recruitment, Coaching and Training

Her work has brought us many more contacts and increased our international reach – hence the increase in the programmes that we now deliver globally. 

Edna Murdoch
Coaching Supervision Academy

The Get Clients Online Academy is for you if you….

  • Would like to create an online business that lets you earn more and work less?
  • Have you been in business for a few years and you’re still struggling to get enough clients and make consistent income in your business?
  • Are you getting your consulting, training or service-based business going and need support to get clients and establish your online business?
  • Want a place where you can go that will answer all of your online business and marketing questions and don’t have to invest in high end training or programs to get the answers?

OK but that’s not it, Ive also included several bonuses that are essential to help you run a thriving business…..

Your bonuses

Take note...

Value: £2690 - Pre- Lunch Price: £495

  • We will start working together on the 18th August 2014
  • Only 20 places available, once they have gone, the doors will be closed
  • This is a onetime offer; I won’t be running it at this price again!
  • The next intake will be in 4 months’ time, don’t miss out on the pre-launch price

Yep… That’s not all, you will also receive a free invite to my next live event….


Value: £195 a gift from me to you…


Taking your business online

Earn More – Work Less

I can’t wait to help you grow your business online, so if you’re ready to sky rocket your results, then register for this special pre-launch price below.